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Relatively new compared to their rivals, using over 4,000 independent specialists rather than their own network. For this reason, you won't have seen see their brand out on the road.

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Our Review

With some breakdown cover companies, you're limited to only a few different aspects of the cover that might not suit your needs but with Rescue My Car, you're joining one of the UK's biggest networks at one of the lowest prices on the market. With more than 4,000 independent specialists across the whole of the UK working with Rescue My Car, you can be assured that even if you breakdown in a remote area of Wales or Devon, there will be a patrol vehicle with you as soon as possible.

Local Breakdown Specialists

Using local specialists that know the area well means that their service is fast. Being fully-qualified technicians, they can normally fix your car by the roadside and have you on your way in no time. The breakdown cover is tailored to what you need not by guesswork so not only do you get a fast response and repair, you can create a policy that is right for your vehicle, preferences and budget.

Choice of Coverage

There is short-term coverage available as well as competitive European coverage, too. Around 70% of call-outs end up with a vehicle that is repairable by the roadside, and as the average response time is under 40 minutes, you can be back on the road quickly and easily. As the service is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year you have the peace of mind for those early morning trips or late-night journeys that would normally leave you stranded. Even though cars these days are jam-packed with technology that usually means there are more parts that can fail and leave you stuck.

Individual and Vehicle Policies

Whether you need vehicle or personal-based memberships, it’s not worth risking a few pounds to get stranded at the side of the road. If you travel in different cars regularly it might be better to cover you as a person rather than limit it to one car. This way you can have the assurance that if something goes wrong, the vehicle you're travelling in is covered.

Cover Summary

Thanks to a large network of local car repair and recovery specialists you can expect to have your car fixed and back on the road quickly and efficiently, and it's all thanks to Rescue My Car breakdown coverage.



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