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RAC have amongst the best average response times and roadside fix rates in the industry. Cover prices are competitive and you can save money by purchasing online too.

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Our Review

With around 2,000 patrol vehicles and being the most popular breakdown assistance company in the UK, RAC breakdown cover is also one of the cheapest. With large discounts available when buying online, it's an even smaller price to pay for the peace of mind and the assurance that should your vehicle breakdown that you can call upon a friendly patrol officer.

Established Provider

The RAC was founded in 1897 and has around seven million registered members. On average, the RAC breakdown cover operators receive a phone call every seven seconds and help people get back on the road again, whether it's a punctured tyre, running out of fuel or if it's more serious, then the vehicle can be recovered to the nearest approved garage. As the patrol officers are fully-trained mechanics they can fix most breakdowns on the spot and have all of the equipment necessary to do so.

Expert Breakdown Advice

Nowadays, cars are more complicated and complex in their design and fixing them needs expert advice and assistance. As cars tend to breakdown at the worst possible time, such as at night time, there is no worse feeling than being stranded in the middle of nowhere. That's where RAC breakdown cover really comes into play and as people in vulnerable situations are given priority, normally a patrol vehicle can be with you and your stranded car in 40 minutes.

Additional Benefits

After those thousands of miles you drive every year, putting strains and stresses on your car in changeable conditions, there is bound to be one part that lets go. For just a low annual fee, you can save yourself lots of money if you were to have an independent recovery truck pick your car up or have a call-out mechanic help you. With this breakdown cover, customers are also eligible for RAC Rewards, which gives back to those who are members of the company. Rewards include 20% off Nintendo games (ideal for long journeys with kids) and many other special offers for around 250 attractions in the UK.

Cover Summary

Don't be another statistic and be stranded by the roadside. RAC breakdown cover lets you drive with confidence knowing that there is a national company there to help when you have car, van or motorcycle troubles.



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