Pothole Compensation Claims Rise

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Compensation payments to motorists who have had their vehicles damaged by potholes have reached £4.8million in the last two years according to research conducted by Britannia Rescue.

They claim that 54,436 complaints were made in the period of 2010-2012 regarding motorists’ vehicles being damaged by poorly maintained roads. The figures also showed that whilst the average bill for repair was estimated at £130, the actual cost to fix one pothole is £50.

The main reason for Britain’s poor road-structure is levelled at the temperamental weather which has lambasted the country with cold winters and wet summers, causing significant damage to roads up and down the country. Particularly affected were the southern counties of Kent and Surrey. The research showed that Surrey authorities had to pay out over £600,000 in compensation payments for a total of 3,650 motorists with the most prevalent complaint being punctured or damaged tyres. Meanwhile, just across the border, Kent, who saw the greatest number of claims lodged (4,904), paid out £133,000; the difference in prices varying due to different bill values and damages sustained.

The research has displayed a worrying number of potholes within the UK, estimated at around two-million. This means that the local authorities are called to deal with about 12,000 a year and with the government promising to spend a significant amount of money on repairing Britain’s roads in the next few years, numbers should start to dwindle.