Britain’s Fastest Drivers Revealed

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When driving in the proximity of speed cameras, most drivers possess the common courtesy to slow down. It’s a sad but true fact that the majority like to challenge the set speed limits, even if it’s just an innocent 5 mph higher. However, the presence of these cameras isn’t always enough to deter the most reckless of drivers.

The five fastest speeds clocked in the UK last year of drivers pulled over all exceeded 130 mph and considering the maximum speed limit on Britain’s motorways is 70 mph, the excessive speeds clocked paint a scary picture in one’s head.

In West Sussex, on the A27 by Binstead, a motorcyclist was clocked at an incredible 154 mph, twice the maximum speed limit, whilst two drivers on the A90 up in Scotland were caught at 149 mph and 141 mph respectively. Considering these were merely A-roads and not motorways (where the fastest speed last year was clocked at 142 mph), the stats are rendered all the more scarier. According to the stats released by LV, in 7 out of 10 cases the infringement on speed limits took place on an A-road which was a significant increase from 2010.

The punishment for those considering themselves racing drivers is apparently not enough to prevent such hazardous driving. Lengthy driving bans, fines of up to £2500 and even possible prison sentences await those wishing to risk their lives and indeed the lives of those around them. Also, though they may consider themselves good drivers, the high speeds at which they travel will obviously make it difficult to react in situations where the cars around them may be causing the trouble and with the increased amount of speed-cameras dotted around the UK, those that aren’t caught out on the roads may well be caught up with at a later date as authorities seek to put an end to these reckless high-speed hi-jinks.